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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

There has to be a starting point...This is it.

So I guess, this first post, is the first step, to being an official blogger.  For those of you who don't know me, this is a giant step!  I am putting myself and my passion out there.  What is my passion you ask?  There are many, but this blog, is all about my passion for design.  Growing up in a family of 6 children, there was not a lot of money floating around, but I never wanted for anything.  I can remember watching my Dad create the most amazing things from objects we had laying around the house.  We never threw anything out.  It was always fixable.  Not just to look ok, but Daddy always had a way of making it better.  My Dad can do anything.  To this day, when I complete a project where I have taken nothing and made it into something spectacular, I call my Dad and say "You would be so proud, guess what I did!" or " I wish you could see this.  It reminds me of something you would do."  So my love of taking things that are old, or broken, or tossed aside, grew from a necessity.  It also grew from a love for my Dad and all things that tell a story.  I love old pieces because they tell a story.  I love to listen to my husbands grandma tell stories about her youth and how they use to do things.  She has managed to hang on to objects from her family's history and I think it is important to pass those stories, along with the objects, down.  It is important to know where you come from and how you got to where you are.  As I redo each piece, I wonder about where it came from and what stories it could tell.  My workshop and my paint, are my worship and my therapy.  With each piece I create, a problem has been pondered, a prayer sent up, a good cry has been cried, or a shout of praise has been made.  This blog is my journey to find a voice.  I feel deep in my soul, I was meant to do this, to create.  Here, within these pages, I want to share with you the joy that creating these pieces brings  and the journey to make this dream come true.  It is my desire that each piece reminds you of all the simple things in life.  I want my pieces to help you remember your favorite vacation spot, your best childhood memories, and to slow down.  God has given us one life.  He has given us limitless love.  I hope my journey helps you to remember that.

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